To go beyond the social stigma of cannabis, remain curious about the impact of legalization on communities and culture, and cultivate quality products that promote sustainable, egalitarian relationships with each other and the planet.

With legalization comes innovation. With innovation comes responsibility. Ritual Cannabis is passionate about bringing plants out of the warehouse and into the farmland of Eastern Washington, cultivating cannabis consciously now as this emerging industry takes root in the midst of a global climate crisis. (We aim to be carbon negative with the utilization of BioChar technology!)  

For so many, cannabis has long helped people heal and connect, a tool of the revolution. Ritual Cannabis is committed to creating branding and advertising that is free of discrimination, misogyny, and homophobia, and founded in the spirit of anti-violence and anti-racism. We feel that empowered, compassionate folks of all gender, religion, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, and ability are longing for a cannabis experience that is reflective of them.

May we be free to play, create, nurture, sit, learn, laugh, and love together.

Photograph courtesy of  Andrew Mark Snyder . 

Photograph courtesy of Andrew Mark Snyder


Michael is a creative arts therapist, graduate professor, and cannabis entrepreneur. He has worked in community mental health in New York City and Seattle since 2005, and continues to be emboldened by the persistent truth that we all want to play and be seen and heard by the world around us.

Michael founded Flour & Flower Handcrafted Medicinal Baked Goods in 2012. He has been an amateur culinary pastry artist since he was first allowed to ride his bicycle to the grocery store at age 12.  


Zooey is an Iraq War Army veteran and cannabis entrepreneur. She has five years of experience in the medical cannabis industry, and is steadfast in her quest to bring cannabis out of the darkness and into the light at the dusk of prohibition.